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tv   [untitled]    March 22, 2017 9:33am-9:38am EDT

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host: thank you, come back again. the g up in 30 minutes, fourth house committee will take up the republican bill to repeal the affordable care act. it is the last step before vote on s scheduled that legislation. as speaker ryan tries to gather votes for that proposal, we're this republicans only in last 25 minutes to call in asking whether you support the healthcare repeal and replacement bill. you are republican in the time zone, entral 202-748-8000. in the mountain or pacific 202-748-8001. as you are calling in, show viewers our discussion from molly this morning with cooper of the hill newspaper about republican effort to find this legislation. the headline in the hill right ow, trump g.o.p. struggle to find healthcare votes. give a sense of where we are. we where
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they are playing with about 22 -- 22 to 35 votes that are no, meaning no. the bill can only afford to lose votes on the floor to get the 216 for passage to the senate. votes, conservatives, many rom the house freedom caucus, pretty intractable right now. we had president trump on the me, monday morning, excuse tuesday morning, feels like the days are running together right now. morning, yesterday. congoaled, warns, threatened to get republicans to, you know, this when theport house takes it up on thursday. after many meetings, especially house freedom caucus several times together and separately with the various folks, it's including
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mike pence, who has been on the seems,ound the clock, it many are still no vote. host: molly cooper, you say warning members yesterday, focusing more on the stick than the carrot when it moving votes here. guest: well, you know, it is nteresting, president trump, he's a businessman, he hasn't as one politics and person said, one lawmaker, he's a new yorker. one person's threatens might be another person's reality and bluntness and apparently president trump said, will lose yourse house, seats in 2018, you have repealing and replacing obamacare since idea and was even an so to not take action could be 2018.doom, come that said, mark meadows last the gaggle of
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reporters said, listen, i don't i know o the president, my district and constituents and this bill is not the answer for us and them. host: molly hooper, take us through the next 24 hours here, committee ules meeting coming up today at 10:00. what is going to happen there? there any chance if republicans don't have votes they need this legislation might be pulled before tomorrow's scheduled vote? guest: first of all, republicans vote in the rules committee because the rules extension s largely of the leadership, so they will have votes in the rules the bill to the floor. the said, if it comes to time on thursday when both is about to happen, there is a very it could be ity pulled and renegotiated if that happen.o still, you know, in the rules, the one group we haven't really about, the g
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democrats. nancy pelosi and democratic leaders are organizing basically rules the zone in committee and want to be there offering amendments, speaking as far as vice president joe biden, he will speak out speak before the university of the affordable care act, but he will be on the the to talk about what republicans are doing, so this is also a big deal, obviously, don't have votes to top it per se, vote on the floor the democrats, we will see push from the democratic party his morning and around the clock until the vote happens or does not happen, opposing the measure. hooper, staff writer with the hill newspaper, appreciate your time this morning. absolutely. host: house rules committee hearing on the republican repeal replace measure, beginning 10:00, and the meeti


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